Yali Aerospace

YALI Network bridge

The YALI Network Bridge(YNB) connects remote locations by air


Our delivery services makes an impact in people’s lives by assisting them in crucial and life-threatening situations. 


SkyBase(YNB) is the drone station which acts as the drone delivery network that connect all hospitals for transporting crucial medical supplies, organs & AED’s from one location to another. It also speeds up the last mile delivery operations and constant monitoring. 


  • Battery Swap
  • Take-off and Landing Platform 
  • Storage Unit
  • Smart MedBox swap
  • Cloud Video Monitoring
  • Cloud Monitoring Weather Station
  • Remote Operations through our SkyBase mobile application 

Yali Mission Control


Our ground control station software (YMC) allows a single pilot in command to control and monitor multiple drones at the same time from a distant. 

Each delivery matters! We believe delivering even a single drop of blood, could save a life.
- Dinesh Baluraj, CEO